Cleaning #1 Cause Of Tenancy Deposit Deductions

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According to facts and figures released by the government-backed my|deposits protection scheme, cleaning is the number one cause of tenant deposit deductions in the UK.

In the survey my|deposits surveyed landlords and agents, asking them the main reasons why they withhold deposit money at the end of a tenancy.

Of the tenants who did retain a proportion of their initial deposit, some 78 per cent reported that the most common costs they incurred were for the cleaning of the property after the tenants had left.

Carpet Cleaning Deposit Deductions

Whilst a certain proportion of accumulated carpet dirt can be marked down as acceptable wear and tear, damage due to accidents such as red wine spillages or chewing gun being trampled into the carpet can not.

As a result, we recommend to many tenants that resolving these issues prior to the end of the tenancy will cost them less in the long term as dealing directly with a carpet cleaning service such as The Carpet Cleaners in Southampton cuts out the middleman and means that you won’t be paying for any unnecessary agency admin fees.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Of course, some minor problems can be fixed without professional help, which is why we have started compiling our list of handy carpet cleaning tips on both our Carpet Cleaners Southampton site and the main Carpet Cleaners Hampshire site.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips #1

Candle wax dripping on a clean carpet

Candlewax Cleaning Guide

Once the candle wax has hardened, scrape off as much from the carpet as possible. Cover the remaining wax with kitchen roll, greaseproof paper or blotting paper and place a warn iron on top (making sure the iron does not directly touch the carpet). The heat will melt the remaining carpet wax so it is absorbed by the paper.

What if the carpet wax won’t come up?

If the tip above doesn’t work and you require professional help with your carpet cleaning, call The Carpet Cleaners in Southampton on 02380 308005 and we’ll be glad to help.

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